Paper Umbrellas

Paper Umbrellas

Oil-paper umbrella manufacturing in Tengchong, Yunnan, dates again to two-hundred years in the past, or 9 generations, additionally known as the 紙撐子. It was rumoured that 鄭以公 who as soon as met two umbrella artisans and learnt the abilities from them introduced the abilities with him again to Tengchong, and handed it on to his descendants. Prior to now, oil paper umbrella unfold throughout all markets in Tengchong. The native Hakka particularly preferred the oil-paper umbrellas. The village chief 鄭傳國 stated that after 80% of the villagers knew the right way to make oil paper umbrellas, however now solely 4 which can be nonetheless making them. The present finest manufacturing family is the 鄭家朝, who’s choosy concerning the materials and strategies. Tung oil and persimmon water are made adhering to the standard strategies of manufacturing. The ultimate umbrella is elegant and powerful. The manufacturing price is about one to 2 per day. 鄭映樓, who solely makes large umbrellas likes to position large umbrellas in entrance of his store to shed the solar and entice clients, due to this fact additionally named the “shed store umbrella” (照舖傘). They solely produce umbrellas once they have free time from farm works at present.
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Paper Umbrellas

Collect your supplies. You will have sturdy paper, picket skewers, clear tape, scissors, and a writing utensil. If you would like to customise your umbrellas by decorating the paper, additionally, you will want some sort of media to embellish with. Rubber stamps and non-toxic ink are an important selection. Paper of medium thickness, similar to building paper, works finest. Nevertheless, thinner paper like printer or origami paper or thicker paper like cardstock may work. Tissue paper, nevertheless, is way too skinny. Ornamental patterned paper and stationary will look nice. These little umbrellas are nice for decorating drinks.
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Paper Umbrellas

The unfold of oil-paper umbrellas was began by the invention of Yun (雲氏), spouse of Luban (魯班). “Chop bamboo sticks to skinny strips, lined in animal fur, closed to change into a cane, opened as a cone.” However early umbrella supplies have been principally feathers or silks, later changed by paper. When oil paper umbrellas first appeared is unknown. Some estimate that they unfold throughout to Korea and Japan in the course of the Tang dynasty. It was generally known as the “inexperienced oil paper umbrella” in the course of the Track dynasty. The recognition grew and the oil paper umbrella grew to become commonplace in the course of the Ming dynasty. They’re typically talked about in in style Chinese language literature. By the 19th Century oil-paper umbrellas have been a standard merchandise in worldwide commerce beneath the identify Kittisols.
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Apart from the aim of offering shade, oil-paper umbrellas are additionally conventional important wedding ceremony objects. In each conventional Chinese language and Japanese weddings, the matron of honour would cowl the bride with the oil-paper umbrella upon arrival to thrust back evil spirits. Purple umbrellas are an emblem of longevity for the elders, whereas white umbrellas are utilized in funerals. Oil-paper umbrellas are additionally used as props in Japanese conventional dances and tea ceremonies.
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In Yuhang District, Zhejiang, oil-paper umbrellas have been produced because the period of the Qianlong Emperor , by Dong Wenyuan (董文遠; Dǒng Wényuǎn), who owned an umbrella store. Oil-paper umbrellas in Yuhang are made with excessive mechanical abilities and prime supplies, which offer their endurance. Extended publicity to daylight and rain does no harm, thus their recognition amongst widespread folks. Plenty of travellers who handed via Yuhang would purchase umbrellas from Dong Wenyuan’s umbrella store as souvenirs for buddies and kinfolk. Oil-paper umbrellas in Yuhang can be found in a wide range of differing types and functions, together with these used for fishing or as collectibles.
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In Luzhou, Sichuan, the oil-paper umbrella tradition began across the finish of Ming dynasty and starting of Qing dynasty. Oil paper umbrellas have existed in Sichuan for so long as 4 hundred years. Herem, the umbrellas are beautiful with wonderful work, considerable colours and exquisite outlooks, the umbrellas are additionally well-known for his or her capability to defend robust winds. In 1993 Could, six skilled artisans have spent 4 months to provide a well-known Erlongxizhu umbrella (Èr lóng xì zhū), which was exported to international locations similar to England, Malaysia and Singapore. The Erlongxizhu was made out of 88 pinaceae and 52 bamboo sticks with 1800 pores and skin paper and 100 kilograms of oil pigment. Producing the Erlongxizhu required over 70 procedures and it was thought to be the “Chinese language King of Umbrellas”.
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Oil-paper umbrella have been produced in each Fuzhou and Nanping of Fujian. Oil paper umbrella is likely one of the three treasures in Fuzhou (福州三寶). The opposite two are specifically the 脫胎漆器 (Lacquerware) and the 牛角梳 (combs fabricated from cattle horn). Umbrellas play a big half in Fuzhou residents’ each day lives, native folks name it 包袱傘, which accurately means everybody’s backpack has an umbrella in it. Oil paper umbrella in Nanping is legendary with two different manufacturers altogether generally known as the “three mouth” (三口), the opposite two mouths are 水口 and 閩清口. The manufacturing initiated within the twentieth century. The best manufacturing recorded was fifty thousand yearly. The standard oil paper umbrella was regularly changed by the collapsible umbrella within the 1970 decade. The native artisans switched to producing small and transportable umbrellas since then. The umbrellas produced in Nanping is at present exported to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South East Asia, Europe and America.
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Throughout the Azuchi-Momoyama interval, Luzon Sukezaemon launched an umbrella with a defend from the Philippines, which contributed the recognition of the wagasa. Throughout the Genroku period, modifications have been made to reinforce its utility to particular circumstances. Some monks and docs used shorter and thicker umbrellas with enterprise logos or logos on them, then lent them to clients as commercial. Umbrellas additionally grew to become the geisha’s software as properly. As well as, some unemployed Edo interval samurai crafted oil paper umbrellas as a secondary occupation. A well-known instance is the Ajima-kasa (阿島傘), made in Nagano Prefecture, which remains to be made there.
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Within the early Hakka society, two umbrellas have been often given as dowry, because of the “paper” and “little one” homonym within the language, symbolizing a blessing for the girl to “give start to a son quickly”, a propitiatory praise to the newlyweds on the time. Additionally, because the character “umbrella” accommodates “4 folks”, gifting the umbrellas represents a blessing for the couple to have many sons and grandsons. As well as, due to the “oil” and “have” homonym, and that the umbrellas open right into a spherical form, they symbolize a cheerful, full life. It was additionally customary to offer an umbrella to a 16-year-old younger man at his ceremony of passage.
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Oil-paper umbrella artwork within the Northern Thailand, or Chiang Mai dates again to round 200 years. The umbrella scaffold is constructed from inexperienced bamboo sticks, the colours and pictures are considerable together with photos of surroundings, animals, folks and flowers. The umbrella surfaces can have a sq. form along with the standard round one. Oil paper umbrellas in Thailand have distinctive options, which regularly entice vacationers to purchase them. Of the a number of sorts, probably the most well-known are those made within the Bo Sang village. Most farmers produce oil paper umbrellas throughout their free time in specialised factories.
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Oil-paper umbrella has different makes use of, aside from shielding us from the solar and rain. In Japan, the umbrellas are used for conventional dances, whereas in conventional Chinese language and Japanese weddings, oil-paper umbrellas play an essential function in fending off evil spirits by overlaying the bride with the umbrella.
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In spiritual celebrations, oil-paper umbrellas are sometimes seen on the sacred sedan chairs as cowl, used to shelter folks from rain and daylight, additionally to drive the evil spirits away. In the present day, oil-paper umbrellas are principally bought as artworks or souvenirs.
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In 1951, Zhejiang province have chosen Yuhang because the centered level of business artifact for oil paper umbrellas, and initiated a gaggle for this institution in 1952. The later established “Artifact Rain umbrella business co-operations” (雨傘手工業合作社; Yǔsǎn shǒugōngyè hézuòshè) was the primary business of artifacts in Zhejiang province. This institution was as soon as within the highlight of the Chinese language media, nevertheless, as the favored metallic umbrella appeared available on the market and oil-paper umbrellas have confronted extinction.

Manufacturing requires expert fingers and approach in addition to private expertise. Coaching to change into a grasp in oil paper umbrella manufacture requires an apprenticeship and an excessive amount of follow. Apprentices should follow the abilities for 3 years to formally grasp this system. Instruments are made by skilled blacksmiths. The fabric of the umbrellas are chosen with care. The Umbrella scaffold is constructed from both bamboo or wooden, tied with hair strings. The perfect umbrellas are constructed from peach flowers, because the umbrella floor is soaked in persimmon pigment. The persimmon pigment is constructed from fermenting the juice of inexperienced persimmons, which gives an acceptable stickiness. The soaked flower petals are caught to the umbrella scaffold one after the other. Work or photos are drawn on the peach flower petals previous to portray tung oil on prime. The finalized umbrella is left to dry in a dry darkish room. It requires not less than 70 steps to provide a properly crafted oil paper umbrella.